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List Of Killer Automation Tools & Strategies To Manage Multiple IG Accounts

While having a social media marketing strategy is a necessity, it can become extremely time-consuming. Between updating your profile, responding to customers, coming up with content and sharing content, managing your social media accounts can become a full-time job.

That’s why you need to use services that automate these accounts to engage with targeted users for you 24/7.


Simple Automation Tools

For creating HQ post: You can use this tool to create some HQ Profile Pictures/Posts for your account(s)!

For automating your growth: You can use this tool to Find, Engage & Grow with Real & Organic Followers!

For automating your posts: You can use this tool to schedule all your posts (even across multiple accounts)!

Bonus! If you really want to speed things up: You can buy/sell shoutouts here!

Why you should have multiple accounts

Imagine having 5 (or more) accounts following 400 people per day…Even if just 10% of those people end up following you back, that’s 40 new followers…EVERY DAY!…That’s 1200 new followers in 1 month!…On 100% autopilot! (by the way: The average follow-back rate is 20-30%)

It’s simple…The more accounts you have the faster you grow!

And you can also use these accounts to sell shoutouts!

The type of accounts you should be making

The easy way: Make an Instagram dedicated to (re)posting Quotes (or Viral Comedy posts) and leave your main username in the bio.

Pro’s: Doesn’t require much work! Easy to setup and find content. Just repost 1-3 posts a day.
Con’s: Even though you’ll get some followers. They won’t be “High Quality” fans.

My number 1 recommendation would be:
 Shoutout/Promo accounts. 
(This setup will require some work up front but will be more rewarding in the long run. The hacks we will cover later will help make it easier for you)
Pro’s: You can setup rules for people to get shoutouts. This gives you more control over the engagement you get. You can sell shoutouts for at least $5 an hour once your page gets popular enough.
Con’s: The shoutout process can’t be automated. Running a lot of shoutout pages might end up costing you a lot of time.
The Essential Setup: The rules are the most important part for these accounts. Here’s a basic bio template to make things easier for you:

1.Follow @(your main IG username goes here) & Like 3 pictures
2.Follow this account & Like 3 Pictures
3.Follow & Like latest 3 shoutouts
4.Shoutout this page and tag us
5.Comment “done” on our latest post (we will check)

Extra Tip;
In the beginning, you can also do Shoutout for Shoutouts with accounts that have the same amount of followers as your account to speed up the growth. You don’t have to give everyone a shoutout. Even if you don’t give everyone a shoutout, people will still keep trying to get shoutouts from your page, especially when you have a lot of followers.
I recommend you only shoutout High Quality and Attractive, Impressive or Creative users only! This will keep the impression of your account at a high level.

P.S. Tomorrow…I’ll be giving you access to my Private Auto-likes/Views service which boosts your accounts on 100% autopilot! Just post and get thousands of likes+views instantly! Use this with the hashtag trick I showed you in Email 2 and you’ll DOMINATE!

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