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Latest & Updated List of Instagram Likes & Comments Bomb Engagement Groups

There are many Instagram engagement groups on the Telegram network. In this article, we’ll discuss engagement groups & provide a current working list of groups.

To get started, you’ll first need the official Telegram client. Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app which claims to focus on security and speed.

The Theory Behind Instagram Engagement Groups

The theory is actually quite simple! Gain a massive amount of engagement (likes and/or comments) within 30 minutes of posting. Engagement group proponents claim this greatly increases your chances of hitting the explore page.

Most of the groups have designated “drop” times – aka “Rounds”. While some groups are more active than others, most groups do rounds at least three times a day. Look for the “pinned post” when joining a group to see group rules, round times & more.

Are Telegram groups the only option? No, certainly not. Groups form on other networks such as kik & Skype. There are also several Facebook groups that offer engagement “Pods”.

The Reality…

Do they work? As with any other strategy, your mileage may vary. Much depends on the quality of the group as well as the various niches of the members. Here are a few of the potential downsides.

  • There are lots of leeches in some of the groups. A leech is essentially someone who shares their post with the expectation of you engaging, but never returns the favor. Much of this depends on the vigilance of the group admins.
  • Scammers. There are LOTS of good people in these groups. However, as with anything else, there are plenty of people looking to make a quick buck. Be very leery of someone trying to sell you something – an eBook or an invite to another group, for example.
  • Self-proclaimed experts! Take any “method” you read with a huge grain of salt.
  • Few, if any, of the large groups, are niche specific (that’s why they’re large!). Meaning, if you run an IG about widgets, you may end up getting likes and/or comments from people running fresh fruit IG’s or canned food IG’s. Their followers will see that they liked your content, but since most of them like fresh fruit & not widgets, they aren’t going to take any action on your account.
  • You end up liking & getting likes from the same accounts over & over which can create a footprint.

Give engagement groups a shot. If nothing else, you’ll meet plenty of interesting people!

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Our List of Instagram Engagement Groups

Gainstagram Official Channel

Instagains Like Round

Instagains Comment Round

Instagains Discussion Group

Instagains Marketplace

Boost Likes Group

Boost Comments Group

Boost Discussion Group

VGN Rounds

IG Bomb Drop

IG Growth Group

40k+ Like Group

IG Mass Likes

Like Rounds Group

Notorious Social Media

Reborn Group

IG Bot Users

Vision Media 20k+ Bot (1k+ likes avg)

Vision Media 50k+ Bot (2k+ likes avg)

Vision Media 80k+ Bot (3k+ likes avg)

Instagains 20k Bot

Instagains 50k Bot

Instagains 100k Bot

Revolution Bot (25k+) L/C

Contact @Beyond.classy

RC (40k+)
Contact @Beyond.classy

Nuke (30+)
Contact @Beyond.classy

VGNlikes (No reqs)

BOOST Like Rounds

FuelGram Like Rounds

Republic Like Rounds

Instagains (10k+)

FEG likes (No req)

Explore More Like Rounds (No req)

Vision Media Like Rounds

Instagainscomment (10k+)

Explore More Comments

FEG Comments (No Reqs)

Vision Media comment chain

BOOST Media comments (No req)

Growth Comments + Likes

IGERS Comment



IG engaged

Instagram engagement groups frequently come & go. Please feel free to share working links to other groups in the comments below.

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