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List Of Killer Automation Tools & Strategies To Manage Multiple IG Accounts

While having a social media marketing strategy is a necessity, it can become extremely time-consuming. Between updating your profile, responding to customers, coming up with content and sharing content, managing your social media accounts can become a full-time job.

That’s why you need to use services that automate these accounts to engage with targeted users for you 24/7.


Simple Automation Tools

For creating HQ post: You can use this tool to create some HQ Profile Pictures/Posts for your account(s)!

For automating your growth: You can use this tool to Find, Engage & Grow with Real & Organic Followers!

For automating your posts: You can use this tool to schedule all your posts (even across multiple accounts)!

Bonus! If you really want to speed things up: You can buy/sell shoutouts here!

Why you should have multiple accounts

Imagine having 5 (or more) accounts following 400 people per day…Even if just 10% of those people end up following you back,

In-Depth Guide For Dominating Instagram Hashtags!

Hashtags play a huge role in Instagram marketing and dominating the right ones can be your invitation into the world of exponential growth.

Think of #s as Search Results in Google. If you can get into the “Top Posts” section, a whole lot of people are going to see your content and hopefully follow you.

Just like Google or Youtube, more people searching for a specific # means more people who will see your post (If you manage to make it into the “Top Posts” section) but, at the same time, it also means more people will be attempting to rank for that #. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between popularity and difficulty.

Check this out;

These websites allow you to put a hashtag in, and it then displays a massive list of #’s that were commonly used in the same comment:


It’s important that you post to tags that will be worthwhile to rank on, but also make sure that they are small enough so that you can rank for them.

Latest & Updated List of Instagram Likes & Comments Bomb Engagement Groups

There are many Instagram engagement groups on the Telegram network. In this article, we’ll discuss engagement groups & provide a current working list of groups.

To get started, you’ll first need the official Telegram client. Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app which claims to focus on security and speed.

The Theory Behind Instagram Engagement Groups

The theory is actually quite simple! Gain a massive amount of engagement (likes and/or comments) within 30 minutes of posting. Engagement group proponents claim this greatly increases your chances of hitting the explore page.

Most of the groups have designated “drop” times – aka “Rounds”. While some groups are more active than others, most groups do rounds at least three times a day. Look for the “pinned post” when joining a group to see group rules, round times & more.

Are Telegram groups the only option? No, certainly not. Groups form on other networks such as kik & Skype. There are also several Facebook groups that offer engagement “Pods”.

The Reality…

Do they work? As with any other strategy, your mileage may vary. Much depends on the quality of the group as well as the various niches of the members.

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